Get Up Offa That Thing!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

"Hi, my name is Claire, and I have motivation problems. "

Welcome to procrastinators anonymous everybody! I'm sure that I am not the only human to have a serious addiction (yes, addiction) to procrastinating, but this is the year that I have stood up and said:

"ENOUGH! I will say yes, and I will follow through, I will not regret one more missed opportunity!"

I am the type of person that feels like I have to basically have every duck in the planet in a row before I can even start work on something I have been obsessing over for years because if I don't do it in a specific order it might nothing ever truly gets accomplished and my bucket list is painfully missing a crapload of check marks. 

I think I finally was able to be honest with myself after my son was born. I actually had a legitimate excuse to not get things done, or that's what I told myself until I realized he was probably the only long term project I ever gladly stuck with. That honesty with myself sort of sucked. I'm ashamed to say instead of making a change then, I sat around telling myself what a lazy failure at life I had been and how It probably didn't matter if I pursued any goals at this point. Which is truly ridiculous I'm only 27 for gosh sake! As of this month though I have had the song "get up offa that thing" by James Brown stuck in my head on repeat almost like its my mantra and I have made a huge effort to say yes to myself when my first thought is no, later, or tomorrow. I have to override my instinct and yell inside my thoughts "TODAY! NOW! RIGHT THIS MINUTE! GO!"

My hope for this blog is to be even the smallest inspiration to anybody else needing encouragement to take leaps of faith in whatever area they need help in. I'm calling this new yes attitude: Project-Get Up Off Of That Thing. I will probably get more in depth in future but it's about saying yes to bettering yourself, your home, and your planet, I really hope that you guys will join me in this as I dance around to some James Brown and fist pump while shouting "TODAY!"

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  1. I'm with you on that one! Thank you for the encouragement! We fellow procrastinators need to help each other! We CAN do it!!!